Being a fictive and having fictives can suck balls

Hear me out though.

A lot of people are initially attracted to fictives because OH LOOK ITS X I LOVE THEM but they are interested in them as a character and not as a person. So a lot of the time fictives never get past surface interaction. But fictives are just as much people as anyone else, and have a whole range of emotions and behaviors, and sometimes people expect them to play a role and behave more like a roleplay character than a person.

And then there’s the fact that a lot of the time you’re kind of looked down upon for having fictives, especially by non-multiples and people who haven’t had experience with them before. I’m not gonna lie; the way nonmultiples talk about fictives makes me ashamed to be the way I am, and it makes the fictives here ashamed of who they are—something they can’t control.